Camping Secrets: Tips And Tricks From The Wilderness

Camping Secrets: Tips And Tricks From The Wilderness

Camping Equipment: 3 Tips To Make The Right Sleeping Bag Choice For Your Next Camping Adventure

by Harry Carroll

Going camping is exciting in Australia because the country is bequeathed with abundant and pristine natural beauty. But before making your planned adventure a reality, you need to ensure that you have the right camping equipment. Here are some tips to help you choose the right sleeping bag for your next camping adventure. 

Choose Shapes Based On Your Specific Sleeping Needs

Sleeping bags usually come in mummy, tapered rectangular or rectangular shapes. Each shape offers different functionality, so you will need to decide what works best for you. A mummy sleeping bag offers a snug fit, which is wide around the shoulders and narrows down towards your feet. This means that less air needs to be heated inside the sleeping bag, keeping you warmer and more comfortable. While efficient, mummy bags offer less wiggle room, so people that like to toss may find this restrictive. Tapered rectangular and rectangular sleeping bags offer more wiggle room, but they do not keep you as warm as mummy bags. They are suitable for those who like to move around and don't worry too much about the cold. Once you establish your specific sleeping needs, you can choose between these types of camping equipment.

Establish Your Sleeping Bag Fit Based On Your Body Type

Sleeping bags come in different shapes and sizes, so you will need to choose a size based on your body type. Some sleeping bags offer different lengths and widths catering to tall, short and heavily built people. Some sleeping bags may also be based on gender to add to your comfort level. For instance, sleeping bags for women may be narrower on the top but wider on the hips to cater to their specific body types. If you have a tall and heavier disposition, then you may need larger sleeping bags with lots of inside space and better padding to hold your body weight. These choices will help you establish your sleeping bag fit based on your body type.

Determine Your Sleeping Bag Filling

You will also need to choose between synthetic or down filling for your sleeping bag. Down fill is an excellent long-term choice for everyone, especially when weight and bulk is a consideration because the natural fibres retain their form and warmth for longer to keep you comfortable. Unfortunately, wetness will damage them beyond repair, so you have to be careful. Synthetic filled sleeping bags hold up better against wet conditions, but they may lose their form after a little while.

Choosing camping equipment like sleeping bags requires careful consideration –– follow these tips to ensure you make the right choice for your next camping adventure.


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Camping Secrets: Tips And Tricks From The Wilderness

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