Camping Secrets: Tips And Tricks From The Wilderness

Camping Secrets: Tips And Tricks From The Wilderness

Say Bye-Bye To Snakes While Camping In Your Trailer

by Harry Carroll

Winter has been warmer than usual this year in Queensland, and that means stories of snake encounters are already emerging. While snake encounters with poisonous varieties like the Eastern Brown are rare, you need to know how to avoid them when you take your first camping trip during the upcoming school holidays. The good news is a camping trailer means you're not sleeping in a tent on the ground, but the bad news is you may still see a snake. There are two steps you can take to reduce the chances of coming across a slithering serpent on your upcoming holiday away.

Inspect your trailer before leaving home

Just because there was not a snake in your camping trailer when you bought it does not mean there are no snakes in there now. During the winter months, snakes look for cosy spots to keep warm during the chilly overnight temperatures. If there is a weakness in your trailer, such as a small hole in the canvas, there is a chance a snake has moved into the trailer.

To make sure you don't take the snake with you on your camping adventure, open up the trailer and carefully check all the spots where a snake may be. Make sure you make plenty of noise while you move around by stomping your feet. A snake in the vicinity feels vibrations, and your foot stomping helps to let them know you are close and that they should slither away. Check in cupboards, and under beds, but make sure you do this carefully so you don't startle an unexpected guest into attacking.

Camper trailer parking location

One of the easiest ways to avoid coming across a snake is not to camp in their territory. Snakes like long grass and dead trees as these are areas where they can hide away from humans. Snakes have a natural fear of humans, and will only attack you if they feel threatened. If you stay out of their home, they don't see you as a threat. Therefore, park your trailer in a cleared area with short grass and no dead vegetation to reduce the chances of accidentally stumbling onto a snake home.

Finally, keep snakes in mind as you go about your everyday camping life. There is no need for terror at every turn that you're about to cross paths with a snake, but that doesn't mean you should leave your trailer door open all day either. Providing an entry point to your trailer for a snake is similar to extending an open invitation for Mr. Slytherin to drop in.

For more tips on keeping your trailer snake free, talk to professionals at companies like Austrack Campers.


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Camping Secrets: Tips And Tricks From The Wilderness

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