Camping Secrets: Tips And Tricks From The Wilderness

Camping Secrets: Tips And Tricks From The Wilderness

Novice Campers: How to Choose the Best Tent

by Harry Carroll

When was the last time you slept in a tent? Maybe you haven't done it since the mandatory camping trip during your school years. Maybe you successfully avoided that trip and have never slept in a tent. But now you've decided that you might be missing out on something. There's something wonderfully simple and rustic about the humble camping trip. However, you can't take that trip without buying your first tent. 

Choosing the Best-Sized Tent

The specifications for the tent will give you an idea of what size tent you actually need to buy. And yet, you might dispute the manufacturer's claim that their tent will comfortably sleep the specified number of people. At the outdoor equipment store, you should actually crawl inside the display tents that have been erected if simply to get an idea of the best-sized tent to buy. You might need to buy a size larger than you originally intended. 

Putting It Up

Seeing the tent in the store, you will also have an idea of just how easy it is to put up. Don't be afraid to ask the staff about which model is best for someone who perhaps isn't all that experienced in putting a tent up. The tent will come with detailed instructions, so make sure you put aside the time to carefully peruse them well before you set off on your camping trip.

Preview Your Trip

You should preview your camping trip by putting the tent up in your backyard once or twice. This allows you to practice erecting the tent, and you need to consider that you might be putting it up in bad weather or in total darkness, so familiarising yourself with the process is going to be beneficial. You could even spend a night in the tent while it's in your backyard. It can be a curious experience to sleep on the ground when you're not used to it, and this will give you an accurate idea of what might be lacking, such as if you need to purchase additional padding to sleep on or whether your sleeping bag is going to be warm enough.

There's something exciting about sleeping in a tent when it's been a while since you've done so (or perhaps it's going to be the very first time). But you also need to be sure that you'll be comfortable, so make sure you choose your tent wisely. Visit an outdoor equipment store like Aussie Digger Camping & Workwear to ask their staff any questions you have. 


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Camping Secrets: Tips And Tricks From The Wilderness

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