Camping Secrets: Tips And Tricks From The Wilderness

Camping Secrets: Tips And Tricks From The Wilderness

Two suggestions for campsite owners who need work clothing for their employees

by Harry Carroll

If your campsite employees need new work clothing, here are a few suggestions to follow when buying these garments.

Go to a work clothing store that sells reflective tops

You should look for a local work clothing store that sells tops with reflective detailing on them (such as a reflective strip across the top's back or sleeves). The reason for this that, on a campsite, your staff may need to help out holidaymakers late at night (if for example, a customer arrives in the evening and needs help connecting their campervan to the site's electrical supply), and they may need to do chores around the site early in the morning, when it is still dark.

If their clothing doesn't have some reflective fabric on it, it might be harder for customers to see them approaching, which might result in your employees unintentionally frightening these people. Furthermore, there is a danger that, without reflective clothing, your employees who are walking around the campsite at night might be struck by any holidaymakers who are travelling in their cars or on their bicycles.

It will also help staff members to easily locate one another when they're working on the campsite at night and have been asked to lend some of their co-workers a hand without using bright flashlights. This is important, as the flashlights could disturb your customers who are trying to fall asleep in their tents or campervans.

Get t-shirts emblazoned with your campsite's name

It's sensible to order t-shirts that have your campsite's name printed on them. The work clothing store may be able to arrange this for you if they provide a screenprinting service, or they may be able to recommend a local business that can do this.

Having your campsite's name printed on your employees' clothing will mean that your customers who are searching the campsite for a staff member who can help them will be able to spot your employees at a distance and will not mistake other holidaymakers who are wearing similar shirts for staff members. It will also help your team to look professional, which will boost your campsite's reputation.

If you want your staff's workwear to be fairly plain, you could combine the two suggestions by having the campsite name added in a reflective print. This would provide all of the aforementioned benefits, without your employees having to wear busy-looking garments that are too aesthetically 'fussy' to look professional.

To learn more, contact a work clothing store.


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